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Fordham Law Review, Volume 85, Issue 1 — A Chapter on White Collar Crime

On September 23, 2016, Fordham Law Review published a special edition, Volume 85, Issue 1, in connection with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit’s 125th Anniversary. In honor of the celebration, Morvillo Abramowitz partner Robert J. Anello and associate Miriam L. Glaser contributed a chapter on white collar crime. Their article addresses six different areas of white collar law and procedure, which showcase the Second Circuit’s role as the nation’s compass in white collar criminal matters.

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Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts — Chapter on White Collar Crime

Partner Robert J. Anello recently authored  “White Collar Crime,” a chapter in the highly regarded treatise Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts, Fourth Edition. The treatise is a joint venture of Thomson Reuters and the New York County Lawyers’ Association and features the work of experts authors, including some of the best commercial litigators in New York.

White Collar Crime: Business and Regulatory Offenses

Commercial Litigation in N.Y. Courts — Chapter on White Collar Crime

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